Famous 5 – Fact Sheet

Famous 5 is the first animated series adapted from the famous novel collection written by Enid Blyton.

Like their parents before them, the new Famous Five are looking for fun and adventure, but frequently find themselves knee-deep in danger and intrigue as well. And, like their parents, they always prove up to the task, using their knowledge of nature, survivals skills, with and woodcraft to emerge triumphant.

TARGER MARKET : 6 – 12 year-old

THEMES AND VALUES : Friendship, Adventure, Action

FORMAT : 26 x 26’

BROADCASTERS : Disney Channel (Europe)

LICENSEES (France) :
Jungle (Comics), Hachette (Publishing), Ravensburger (Puzzles), Arguydal (Lucky Charms)

International licensing by Chorion.

WEBSITE : www.clubdes5.tv

DOWNLOAD : Famous 5 – Presentation

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