Questionnaire KOBI KA POW

Dear Totalyoo user,
You have been selected to help us create our next cartoon. You will see some exclusive drawings, only for your eyes, and we will ask you to choose the ones you like the most among them. By answering this questionnaire, you can win many super prizes. You must be less than 8 years old to participate. If you are over 8 years old, that's ok, we will be asking for your opinion very soon. To begin, we request your parents agreement to allow you to answer this questionnaire. Please, continue once your parents are by your side.

Dear parent(s),
We would like to ask your child a few questions about a new show we are creating. It will take about 7-8 minutes to answer the questions, there are many cool prizes to win. Do you agree your child answers the following questions? If so, you can stay by his/her side while he/she answers. We really need the children opinion on this. Thank you

YES, I agree my child answers the questions
NO, take me back to the homepage
1 - How old are you ?

2 - Are you :
  A Boy
  A Girl

3 - Where do you live ?
  United States of America
  United Kingdom

4 - Here is a list of programs currently broadcasted on TV. For each, please indicate if you like watching it or not:
I like it I don't like it I don't know it

5 - We are now going to talk about the next cartoon from Marathon Media.
This new cartoon tells the story of a little boy called Kobi who has big dreams of what he wants to be when he grows up. For Kobi, his dream has always been to become the next Guardian of his village in Asia - a real-life hero who gets to explore, rescue and generally save the day! Kobi knows it won’t be easy but, what he lacks in skill, Kobi makes up for in heart, derring-do and determination. Kobi also has some amazing friends: there’s village blogger, Hana; his loyal red panda, Bo – and a cute creature called Hiro.
How much would you want to watch this show ?
  I would like to watch it very much
  I would like to watch it somewhat
  I would not like to watch it much
  I would not like to watch it at all

6 - Do you like that Kobi is a little boy living in Asia ?
  I like it a lot
  I like it somewhat
  I do not like it so much
  I do not like it at all

7 - This is Kobi, the hero of our new cartoon. Please chose your favourite color style among the following couples (on the left, there is his regular outfit, and on the right, his fighting outfit)
  Choice 1   Choice 2
  Choice 3   Choice 4
  Choice 5   Choice 6

8 – Do you think Kobi should wear a helmet when he fights or not ?

  I like better the left drawing, without a helmet
  I like better the right picture with the helmet
  I like none

9 – This is Hana, Kobi's best friend. Which style of her do you like the most ?
  Choice 1   Choice 2
  Choice 3   Choice 4
  Choice 5   None

10 – This is Bo, one of Kobi's pet. Which one would you choose to be on the cartoon ?
  Drawing 1   Drawing 2   Drawing 3

11 – And finally, meet Hiro, another friend of Kobi. He could look like one of these three drawings below. Which one do you like the most
  Drawing 1   Drawing 2   Drawing 3

12 - Did you like the drawings overall ?
  Yes, a lot
  Yes, somewhat
  Not so much
  Not at all

13 - Did you like the drawings overall ?
  More than before you saw the drawings
  As much as before you saw the drawings
  Less than before you saw the drawings

We are sorry your help is not required this time. Thank you anyway for participating and come back soon on Totalyoo!